When Teeth Whitening Does Not Work

When Teeth Bleaching Doesn't Work

Are you aware that in some cases, teeth bleaching isn't

advisable and might not be 100 % effective? For

example, for kids below 16 years bleaching isn't

advisable because the pulp chamber or even the nerve from the tooth

remains enlarged.

Teeth bleaching below this age could cause irritation from the

pulp or might make it more sensitive. Similarly, pregnant

women in addition to lactating moms also needs to not undergo

this method.

Furthermore, people getting sensitive teeth and gum problems,

receding gums and problems or defects in restoration must

go for their dentist's advice before undergoing the


Similarly, individuals getting allergic reactions to peroxide will also be not

suggested to endure the bleaching process.

Illnesses in teeth and gums and decaying enamel will also be not

appropriate cases for teeth bleaching. Any cavity within the tooth

could cause the bleaching methods to seep in to the existing

decay causing further irritation.

Again, people getting uncovered tooth plant's roots are also

frustrated as these roots don't have enamel cover.

Teeth that contains any type of filling like crowns, veneer,

connecting and bridges cannot be bleached. Doing this may

lead to uneven whitening and you should complete

the whitening process two days prior to the fillings.

As the yellow-colored stains could be whitened easily, brown,

grey, bluish-grey and crimson ones show less reaction to

teeth bleaching.

Furthermore the end result might also vary for every person.

Smokers must avoid smoking during teeth bleaching

the procedure for the greatest results. The preferred color

ought to be a shade whiter compared to whites of the eye.