Queensland Kinesiology Association

Peter Morningstar has been a member of the AKA since January 1995 and the QKA President since 2003. Peter became interested in Kinesiology after a he had a few successful kinesiology “balances”. He decided to attend a Touch For Health class and was amazed and excited by Kinesiology, its eloquence and its applications. After studying many different Kinesiology modalities, he then rapidly progressed to become a Touch For Health Instructor, and Kinesiology Practitioner. Today, after more than 10 years as a Practitioner and Kinesiology Trainer, he is even more excited and amazed by the many applications and the eloquence of Kinesiology. His vision is to inspire practitioners of other modalities to incorporate Kinesiology into what they do.

The QKA covers a large area and has members from the Northern Rivers area of NSW all the way up the Queensland coast (and inland) to Cairns and across to Darwin. Regular meetings are scheduled so that the members can give feedback and become involved in the running of the AKA.