AKA Course Accreditation Board

AKA Course Accreditation Board

Julie Gunstone

The CAB currently consists of Julie Gunstone, Angela Hass, Janine Michael, Tammy de Vries and Jacque Mooney.

Vision of the CAB
To uphold and continuously improve the standards by which the courses are accredited.
To ensure that the rights of course authors and students are protected.

Meeting dates
The CAB meet on the third Thursday of the month at the AKA office in Box Hill.

What the CAB does
The CAB assesses and accredits courses submitted by course authors wishing to have their courses accredited with the AKA. The AKA assesses and accredits courses in accordance with the AKA course submission criteria.

Once a course is accredited, it has to be re-submitted on a four year cyclical basis. The CAB manages the resubmission process.

We ensure that course authors have confidentiality regarding all materials submitted.

We develop systems to manage the course submission criteria.

We report and liaise with the National Committee.

We write a quarterly report fo the In Touch magazine.

Up to date accredited courses and course submission criteria are available under the tab ‘downloads'.