How does it work for you?

The AKA Inc is a national Kinesiology body representing the professional interests of Kinesiology practitioners and the personal interests of students and the public.

The major aims of the AKA are:

  • To promote and support Kinesiology.
  • To establish standards for Kinesiology practice and training and to work for their implementation.
  • To operate on a non-parochial, non-sectarian basis for the good of all members.

The AKA currently has several levels of memberships:

  1. Associate Membership for members of the public.
  2. Student Membership.
  3. Professional Membership:
  • Practitioner Membership for registered Kinesiology Practitioners,
  • Instructor membership for qualified Kinesiology instructors.

The AKA also has Branch subcommittees. These are located in most states. All members of the AKA automatically have dual membership of their local Branch.

The purpose of Branches is to provide members with local news, class dates, events, etc, and to hold meetings to formulate policy, to promote Kinesiology in their area and to raise extra funds.

The AKA is administered by the National Committee which is made up of representatives elected by the professional members of Branches. Branches are entitled to more than one representative depending on size of their professional membership.

All decisions effecting the administration and development of the AKA are made by the National Committee. Except for the day to day administration, matters of policy are agreed on after each representative has sought advice and voting direction from their Branch. AKA Branches hold regular meetings to discuss these matters, ensuring all members can have input in this way.

There are a number of Office Bearer and administration positions in the AKA:

Chairperson: Elected by the National Committee. Administers the affairs including organizing and chairing meetings, coordinating the activities of the AKA.

Secretary: Elected by the National Committee. Assist the Chairperson in coordinating the AKA. Oversees the day to day administration of the AKA Office.

Treasurer: Elected by the National Committee and responsible for financial matters.

Administrator: Appointed by the National Committee. Administers the AKA office under the guidance of the Secretary. deals with correspondence, enquiries and membership matters.

Membership Registrar: Appointed by the National Committee. Maintains records of membership.

The AKA is a formally constituted organization and has a constitution, rules, regulations and guidelines for all Kinesiologists, thereby offering a level of professionalism expected of any health professional body.

The AKA has sub committees working with specific tasks.

  • The Australian Kinesiology Practitioner Registration Board (AKPRB). This Board sets standards and approves applications for the registration of Kinesiologists. It liaises and lobbies with other organizations such as ATMS and Health Insurance companies etc.
  • Australian Course Accreditation Board (AKCAB). This Board accredits Kinesiology courses to ensure they meet the standards required for practitioner registration.
  • An Ethics Task Group. This has established a procedure to deal with complaints and matters of ethics.

The “In Touch” magazine. This is a national quarterly magazine and is a primary source of information for all members, giving details of courses, AKA news and informative articles about Kinesiology.

Annual Conferences. These provide a forum for new information, research and networking amongst Kinesiologists and other professions.

If you would like more information about the AKA please contact the Administration Office with the “e-mail” button at the side of this page.